World Wildlife Day 

Written March 3rd 2017

[Happy World Wildlife Day Everyone!]
Animals are pretty neat, and it turns out that we're all animals too! Made from the same stuff, born of the same processes, and occupied on the same lands. As such, the consequences of our actions are inextricably connected to every organism we share this home with.

Nature is constantly striving towards balance, be it between predator and prey populations, Animal to natural resource ratios, or between entire ecosystems. For all of Earth's history, spikes in any particular parameter were met by some form of negative feedback to balance the scales. If there was a spike in deer population due to some particularly fertile and tasty grasses, wolf populations would slowly increase due to the extra meat available to feed more mouths. Deer populations would dwindle, then Wolves to follow too. Balance would be restored. But restored at a very slow, manageable rate that was decided by natural processes.

We no longer interact with our environments at this natural rate. We're out here trying to reach light speed, and nature is just strolling through, enjoying the ride. Too often we live to fast to even see the change, but regardless of our sentience, change occurs.


For too long we didn't have the knowledge to understand change we could not see. But now, thanks to the works of some truly phenomenal humans, we have the capacity to grasp the true effects we leave on this planet. Past, present, and future. With this knowledge comes the responsibility. Responsibility to act, and to conserve.

I've not got any specific advice, and this isn't a plea. Really, this is just a normal Friday. But if you're interested, curious, or concerned with how we leave our mark. There are a lot of great people out there leading inspiring initiatives to create and inspire change.

The google machine makes research pretty easy these days, but if your still reading, here are two of my favourite organizations.

Raincoast - Enformed, scientific studies and practices to protect a truly unique ecosystem. BC's Coastal Rainforest

Save Our Seas - Spearheaded by one of my favourite photographers and environmentalists, Paul Nicklen. Save Our Seas is wholly dedicated to conserving the rapidly falling biodiversity of our Oceans.

Thanks for reading, and if nothing else, happy Friday everyone.